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Raw material


The reindeer is our main raw material. It is a deer species that lives in herds in the northern parts of Europe, Asia and North America. Both the bulls and the cows have antlers. The bull fells its antlers after the rutting period in autumn. The calves, like the cows, keep their antlers all winter. The reindeer is well adapted to snow and cold. Its winter fur is dense and comprises underfur and long, air-filled outer bristles. In northern Europe, practically every reindeer has an owner, which is why the owners mark the ears of the calves with the same mark as the calves’ mother.

Part of the sámi livelihood

Reindeer skin is a product of the livelihood of the Sámi, reindeer herding. This industry is of vital importance to Sámi society. Reindeer herding is not simply a question of cattle rearing, but is also the bearer of a long cultural tradition and the Sámi identity. The task of the reindeer herder is to protect and safeguard the reindeer in the best possible way to make a profit from the industry. Part of ensuring revenue from reindeer herding can be to sell the reindeer skin for tanning.

Red deer

The red deer provides a small proportion of our raw materials. The red deer is the second largest deer species in Sweden and can weigh as much as 250 kg. It is characterised by long legs, along, narrow body and a long neck. The stags (the males) have large branched antlers. Adult stags measure 120-150 cm at the withers. Large stags can weigh 250 kg. Their fur is short and mostly red-brown, with a light, golden beige blaze in summer. Its winter fur is longer and more of a dark, grey-brown colour.




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