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Kero Leather was founded in 1929 by Yrjö Kero in Sattajärvi, Norrbotten County, Sweden, 80 km north of the Arctic Circle in the middle of the Land of the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights.

The company has been handed down from generation to generation and is characterised by pride in its heritage and in the profession. Entrepreneurship is part of that heritage – the urge to create employment for future generations. What is unique about Kero Leather is the strong faith in the future. Product development is carried out in-house at the tannery, and is fuelled by creativity.

In 2005, Kero was divided into two companies, of which one area – tanning – became Kero Leather AB, and the other – production – became Kero försäljning AB. Kero försäljning rents the premises from Kero Leather and cooperates closely.

Naturally tanned reindeer skin has always been the main product. Naturally tanned or vegetable tanned means that the skin is tanned using vegetable tannins from bark.

KERO LEATHER processes the unique and exotic material reindeer skin into leather of various designs. Here you will find the perfect material for clothing, gloves, wallets, bags and many other products that require thin, pliant and durable material. Besides reindeer skin we also have cow hides for knife sheaths, belts and shoes.


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